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Yes buttons are freindly, touch screens are just temperamental and I suppose you get those swedish doro phones in Ikea, trust the Swedes tp keep it basic.
I've only just found out how to answer a phone call on my stupid smart phone. Nobody told me you had to swipe a logo and it isn't mentioned anywhere that I could find.
I might give it to my wife as a surprise birthday present I've still got the box etc. :unsure: Keep her occupied stabbing at it for hours with one finger desperately looking for something interesting and dodging the adverts!
I think many people just walk around staring at the screen fixated by nothing, or connected to some AI bot so that they can just look like they have real freinds to talk to, it is like a black hole that drags you in and fries the brain.
Windows. Microsoft flaming Windows. 30 years I've spent trying to manhandle this POS operating system, with their hit-one, miss-one philosophy (Win7 - great, Win 8 - pants!) Ridiculous updates that take forever just to download, never mind install, reboot, Windows is configuring etc etc etc.
What gives them the right to default install Xbox, Edge and all the other crud that I bet 99% of folks just won't use? If I want flaming Xbox I'll install it!
Oh and that computer you're using? Nah too old, you'll have to buy new if you want Win11/12 (Yes I know how to bypass that)

I officially hit retirement in 4 months, am I too old to learn Linux? Nope! Because unlike Windows it just works, no hassle, no grief, install exactly what I need without having stuff pushed on me. Adios Bill, can't say it's been a blast. Cya later.

Now, if I could just install it on a Mobile phone . . .
I've now joined the smartphone remotely controlled lighting app crowd.

Needed to install some outside lights (side, drive, back garden). Power supply no problem. Switch(es) - outside the back door lighting the rubbish bins?, outside the garage door (back or front?), by the power supply inside the garage?, inside the hall near the front door???. Or install two way switches + intermediate(s) to cover all possibilities.

The power supply can be controlled by an £8 wi-fi switch from anywhere in the world. No installation hassle, takes 10-20% of the time and cost of hard wired.

They can be set to a schedule - eg: on at sunset, off 3 hours later etc. Inside they replace old style timers previously used to create the illusion of house occupation when away for extended periods. Now looking at security cameras. Installation and operation has proven very intuitive and straightforward.

I am not an early adopter preferring proven cost and reliability, but failure to embrace common technologies leads to marginalisation and dependency.
......... failure to embrace common technologies leads to marginalisation and dependency.
What, by not having remote switched outside lights? :ROFLMAO: Endless search for zappers, manuals, batteries, charging cables etc etc. It's the other way round - can't find the stuff and you realise you are dependent and marginalised.
Actually I do have a modern LED torch and a Ledlenser head torch. You get all kitted up but the surprising thing is how often you don't need the stuff!
Joking apart - the dependency on so many hi tech gadgets makes us highly vulnerable to system failure. Brilliant while they are working but disastrous without back-up alternatives, if for instance climate change disrupts things. Bring back candles, carrier pigeons and semaphore flags!
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The good thing about wall mounted light switches are, A) they will still be where you last left them and B) they just keep on working .

I blame this culture of remotes for the increased waistlines, what is wrong with moving to change the Tv or to operate a light !
I fully appreciate vulnerability to systems failure etc, but adoption is about the point at which the benefits of the change outweigh the risks.

Concerns can be a product of job loss, uncertainty created by change and a focus dominated by negative not positive consequences of change. That remote controls encourage slothful behaviours may be right - but the same technology allows folk to go jogging whilst listening to music, news or making a telephone call.

A complete denial of new technology would leave us back in the stone age. If one postulates a complete failure of industrialisation humanity would revert to 2-300 years ago before the agricultural and industrial revolution. Life expectancy in 1700 was ~38 compared to ~80 today!! Infant mortality in 1700 was dire.

History is littered with initially negative views of that which we now regard as the norm and rely upon almost absolutely:
  • landowners did not want the railways crossing their land for fear it would render their cows infertile
  • red flag act requiring a pedestrian to precede early cars carrying a red flag to limit their speed to 4 mph
  • in the late 19th century it was feared phones would induce deafness
  • sulphurous vapours would cause asphyxiation on the London underground (may be true before electrification)
  • automation would create huge levels of unemployment - not true but the skills in demand certainly changed
  • smartphones fry the brains of users (a fear I think now discounted)
  • artificial intelligence will conspire to eliminate humanity (the major current debate)
Our men's shed built 8x4 chicken coop which I delivered and started to erect. It was a pain as it was to fit tightly inside a chicken run which was already there with a 6x2" door. Later that night chicken lady msg saying it's too deep can you reduce its height by 1ft because she cannot see the chikens under it! ok if needs be! well what a pain taking the whole thing apart into panels cutting the studs, and reassembling it, 3hrs later I was back where I was when I started.
With my personal issues I felt like the prodigal son!!
I have a pigeon lady.
Lane keeping assist on a brand new hire car. No one told me the frigging car would try and pull the steering wheel out of my hand if I drove over a white line!!
Not an indicator user then? Using the indicator lets the car know you are deliberately leaving the lane. Unlike a wife cars can’t read minds.
Not an indicator user then? Using the indicator lets the car know you are deliberately leaving the lane. Unlike a wife cars can’t read minds.
I wasn't overtaking at the time, I just clipped the white lines and thought something had gone wrong with the car (Peugeot 308), just a little scary when you're not expecting it.
This is a pet hate of mine, that seems to disappear for a while before coming back with a vengeance...and once you've noticed it, it becomes infuriating.

"Yes, we've worked here for 47 years..."
TV interviewer : "47 years?!"
"47 years..."

"And how many times have you cycled round this park?"
"750 revolutions..."
"Yes, 750"

Not forgetting Masterchef...the stupid, stupid faces that are pulled when interviewing contestants.
Not to mention "Go, go, go, go, go!"

Really gets up my pipe....:mad:

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