Table Saw Fence Alignment

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25 Jun 2015
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I have a 10 inch Axminster cabinet saw. It comes with a clamp down fence and I have had it for a few years. The fence has always been a bit wiggly before locking doen and sometimes a little out of square. I have taken to holding a small square at the far end pre locking it down.

If this were a constant PITA, I would fettle it again but it sometimes locks square. I now hate the fence but finding a quality replacement in the UK is difficult. Any advice would be welcome.
If you state the exact model of the machine, others might have a better answer.

On my machines I find moving the fence in a certain direction gives a predictable outcome, and best adjusted only in that direction, if I overshoot, then I go back
to where it was before and adjust by a more decent amount.
The same with the more complex rack and gear system on my TS,
backlash must be accounted for and cannot be reliably adjusted by going back and fourth by very small amounts.

All the best