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20 Aug 2020
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I have a Scheppach HS105 table saw. Can I get a Dado/groove cutter to fit this??
Nah, the saw is underpowered as well as there definitely won’t be enough shaft length to take more than a single blade. At best you may be able to fit a 6mm groover from CMT.
Thanks guys. I haven't got space for a router table as well as tables saw. Have you got a link to CMT please. Just started using table saw and having trouble finding UK videos (hence my question about Dado stack)- any recommendation?
CMT 240 Grooving sawblade D=180 d=30 B=6 z=18

Bear in mind, it will be absolutely pants for cross-grain cutting as it's completely flat-topped.

I’ve just used the same CMT 6mm grooving blade to make my fifty drawer setup in my workshop build. Bang on about hacking cross grain, there is no finess. However, using decent ply and running the material through slowly, it made a really tidy job of grooving for the corner joints and the groove for the drawer bottoms. It is a beast to work with, because it’s flat toothed it really does bite into the wood and you have to show a lot of respect for it and really concentrate.

This is NOT a blade for a novice user or for anyone who is nervous of the table saw.
Many thanks. I think i'll stick with what I've got for now. Just going to build a few test pieces with some scrap build skills up. Cheers, Robbo