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28 Jul 2007
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Hi all - it’s been a while since I posted but finally getting back into it after a few years of renovating a house! 😊

I’ve just picked up a startrite 352 and I’ve noticed that there is a push rod at the back of the blade guide which I believe is carbide, however I’ve noticed the blade is sparking and burning a groove into the rod which tells me it must just be a steel replacement, I’ve just read a thread which suggests getting some carbide rod, which I will do.

So my question is has anyone upgraded the guide to more conventional roller bearing with a running bearing guide at the back, which I imagine would resolve the issue. If so is there an OEM kit you can buy? alternatively I have a decent engineering workshop so could make something?

Any advice gratefully received.
Somewhere on here there is a post about someone doing it with simple bearings. You’ll need to search around but I’m sure it’s still in here.
I have a 352 and what you have is a common issue, the original rods had a carbide tip which eventually drops off and then it becomes just a standard steel rod. I solved that by using JB Weld to fix a carbide insert to the rods and these last for ages but eventually come off so a solid carbide rod is the answer.

You can convert to bearing guides off the shelf with a little modification or if you search the forum there was a thread by Steve Maskery showing how he made up his own.

Good bandsaw btw, simple and built like the proverbial brick s**thouse. (y)
Brill thanks for all the advice, I’ll get hold of some carbide rod initially to get me going and fettle the guides so that I can start to use it quickly. I’ll have a look at the bearing site though and design something and try to make it over the winter, if I do get a chance to make something I’ll drop the drawings on this thread for posterity 😃

thanks again 👍
@dchallender if your consistently generating sparks, you’ve got a dull blade, the wrong blade or are feeding it too quickly. One of the best blade guide materials is lignum vitae, cities registered, so the best source now is old bowling balls. it’s typically used on old resaws, and if it’s good enough for that, it’s good enough for anything.
Have a read of the following before spending any if your money
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