Bandsaw resaw blade dulled?

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13 May 2019
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Evening all,

Looking for a bit of advice, I was resawing some maple earlier about 90mm deep on a tuffsaws fastcut blade.

All was going well with no burning until suddenly the blade slipped behind the thrust bearing and the side guides started spinning. I slowly pulled the maple out the cut and adjusted the trust bearing so the back of the blade had more support but when I went back into the cut the blade won't cut and just burns.

My immediate thoughts are that the blade might be dull (hoping not as I've only used it about 5 times!) but could a blade slipping behind the thrust bearing really kill it that quickly?

Thanks in advance!
I think so, I think the teeth on the blade went almost to the centre of the side bearings.
It will have taken the set off the teeth as they got squashed between the rollers, so I have a feeling it may be knackered in its current state. You could ask around if anyone is able to reset the teeth. Not something I have ever tried doing.