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20 Apr 2022
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This Person Does Not Exist

Just keep reloading the page.

None of them are real people - they're all generated on-the-fly by an AI system.

StyleGAN - Wikipedia

The website isn't cycling through a collection of stored images - it's generating a new one every time you reload the page. Nobody has ever seen the "face" you are looking at before.

Nor will they again.
What are you talking about??? I know most of them!!

Some time ago I looked at AI sharpening software it operated in a similar way. If you had an out of focus image, it would use AI to sharpen it It was quite amazing, then I started noticing if the image was too degraded, it just made up the missing parts using it's AI system, so you ended with a really spooky looking face which resembled someone you knew, but was not them. When that happened, it very unsettling. Didn't like it.
It doesn't do so well with horses - often random extra bits involved...

Keep refreshing the page to see more anatomically improbable equines.


I guess any tool can be used well by someone who knows what they are doing, or badly by someone who doesn't.

But those are so egregiously bad I suspect that site is somewhere on the spoof to ulterior motive spectrum.
Here is an animated photo of my wife's late mother as a child from about 1940. The animation was created by uploading a photo to the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia website. There are similar animations on YouTube, but the subject's hair doesn't move. In this animation, her braids appear to move in sync with her head.


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