Spindle Moulder Cutter Heads


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30 Jun 2022
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Hi I am considering buying a Bestcombi 2000 but the spindle moulder cutter is missing. I know it is 30mm dia shaft but if i am to find a replacement are there other dimensions which are critical or will any 30mm head be ok. Appreciate any advice. Thanks
For a rebate or moulding block you might often want to sink it partially into the table using the rise and fall on the spindle - so the table cutout vs the block cutting diameter has relevance. For any larger cutterheads like groovers and tenoning discs, they might not need to sink but will have to fit inside the guarding being used.
Yes to rogxwhit comments above.

30mm is the most common bore size but 1 1/4" bore blocks are also widely available and can be reduced to 30 with a pair of top hat bushes.

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