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8 Jan 2024
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Moving on a little from learning to build cabinets to something not involving just a plunge saw.

My wife has some wooden sock blockers that are too large. I wanted to check my thinking on how to trim them to the correct size. I have a correct sized sock blocker so will use that to draw around on the over size one. Then cut with a jigsaw, and sand down to the correct size. Then use that as a template with a flush cut router bit for more sock blocks.

I’m not using a good sock blocker as a template on the assumption I’ll mess up in some way on the first go.

I’ll need to curve the edges a bit to stop snagging. It’s only 6mm thick so I was expecting to just hand sand that. Or are there tiny round over bits.

Finally, there are some more ornate versions online, see attached but I had no clue how to make all the internal cuts. Is it laser cut??

Pretty sure I can make it half as good for 10 times the cost!


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I've not met them before, ae they only for knitted socks?

EDIT - sorry I see that has been answered in the time it took my to write the question
These are for when you knit socks, but anything knitted usually gets blocked to even out the rows and stretch a little to make more comfortable to wear.

It my wife that knits, but the socks are amazing compared to shop bought.

Well it’s new to me as well, can’t help thinking that wood and particularly ply isn’t the right material to use, no matter how much you sand it it will snag on wool. Nylon is wonderful stuff and perfect for a job like this I would suggest.
You are on the right track. Sanding the edge is critical, then put on a few coats of waterproof varnish (sanding between), this will stop snags.

I made a set for my wife whi knits a few years ago, they have held up well. I used 6mm baltic birch. Pricy but worth it for this application.

Cardboard aided design:

Cut out on a scroll saw and edge sanded with a spindle sander

Drilling holes to allow them to hang-dry the socks.

Varnishing with clear gloss:

Good luck!
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