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Sold Sjobergs 1900 Workbench for sale - Norfolk


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16 Oct 2023
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Norfolk, UK
Unfortunately, I have to sell my well-loved Sjobergs 1900 workbench as I need to generate some space in my workshop.

As thoroughbred workshop enthusiasts, you no-doubt know that this is an awesome workbench (currently retails for at least £1,700). I appreciate than many may want the challenge of building their own, however, if you want/need an instant workbench for life - please keep reading!

This has been used for assembly tasks only, there are no saw/cut marks and it has been looked after - everything works perfectly.

Official details are:

SJÖBERGS ORIGINAL 1900 professional workbench model has been developed and built by professionals for professionals. Shoulder vise with single row of square bench dogs. Front vise with double rows of bench dogs holes.

The Sjöbergs Original 1900 Workbench is the perfect foundation for any workshop. It is designed and built in Sweden by one of Europe’s leading specialist manufacturers. Versatility combines with strength and quality to form a highly functional bench for a professional or a demanding home woodworker. Selected European beech used in the construction of the workbench bench ensures a long working life. Sjöbergs finish the bench with premium quality oil for protection. The workbench is strong, heavy and offers a comfortable working height. If you are a serious woodworker, this sturdy bench will support any project you undertake.

Includes features generally only found on benches costing much more. The worktop is 1,805mm long by 600mm wide (overall including vices 1,908mm x 662mm). The top is 60mm thick with a 110mm apron. The double row of round dogs is usable from both vices and across the worktop. The vices are capable of providing enormous clamping power as well as accuracy and smoothness. The front vice has an opening capacity of 120mm, the tail vice opens to 175mm.

Each Sjöbergs Original 1900 Workbench comes with a set of bench dogs, which also fit into the bench legs for horizontal support.

Looking for around £900 please - this money will be reinvested into a tablesaw upgrade!


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I would love this but being in Hampshire I would have to rent a van plus the cost of petrol these days. I’m sure someone will snap it up
I would love this but being in Hampshire I would have to rent a van plus the cost of petrol these days. I’m sure someone will snap it up
I have used Shipley before, they were spot on, and reasonably priced - as long as you are patient!

I am sure there are other services available too (y)

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