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Sold Woodworkers Workbench


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Peter Sefton

Wood Workers Workshop
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6 Jun 2011
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Threshing Barn, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcs WR8 0SN
I have a couple of my furniture school workbenches for sale at £650 each, past students snapped up the others!

They are heavy duty woodworking benches with 40mm thick solid beech worktops and deeper apron rails. The softwood jointed under frames have MDF panels for added rigidity and weight on the ends and back with an 18mm base panel. The robust and sturdy workbenches include a quick release front carpenters vice and a screw tail vice with 19mm dog holes that line up along the entire working area, with a back tool well and dust hatch at one end. The front frame and apron rail is flush with the inset vice for the best work support. 25mm dog holes are also situated in the front leg frame giving excellent support for doors or longer work. 19 and 25mm dogs will be included.

Overall sizes are 1980 long x 800 deep and 890mm high. They can be collected in one piece or dismantled to fit in an estate car by the buyer. Please DM if interested



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