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5 Oct 2014
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I've just spruced up the workshop, new lining paper painted bright white, some new storage benched(the engineer type) and now I have to sort out storage for everything else.
So i'l be looking at some wall mounted cabinets, maybe a peg board or such, pots,tubs and drawers,shelving units for powertool boxes, slots for screw cases, that kind of thing. But what I was thinking of was a fold up cabinet to hold the day to day items- chisels, measuring and layout tools and for planes also. So show me some ideas.

The best example gets plagiarized ;)
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Coolest one I ever saw was in an issue of Fine Woodworking Magazine where the guy gutted an upright piano and made a tool cabinet out of it. Planes and saws in the upper half, chisles where the keyboard was and other stuff in the lower half. Every time I see free pianos on FB Market place I think of getting one but don't have the room.

How about this for some serious plane storage..............


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Couldn’t find a good picture but I love Hand Tool Rescue Eric’s plane shrine / altar


Now watch him plane a log into a toothpick

I've been saving ideas on Pinterest and here are a couple of plane storage ideas:
French cleat version: Amazing Uses For Old Pallets - 18 Pics | Woodworking, Diy pallet projects, Tool storage
A french cleat version of @Droogs Organisation d'atelier rapide et efficace | Organisation d'ateliers, Rangement outils, Rangement outil atelier
And another version of his Hand-plane Rack Woodworking Plan from WOOD Magazine | Woodworking, Shop cabinets, Woodworking storage
and if you do a search on plane storage in Pinterest you get this little lot Pinterest
I've met Eric before. He was a member of our Woodworking Guild but hasn't been around for a few years. He does have some nice toys.

Lots of these ideas seem use a flat base so it looks like the plane sits on its iron, is that normal? Like Doug B I have the end on a batten to lift the iron off the surface.
This is my storage. Both the plane and saw cabinets are on French cleats but that was more for ease of fitting them. When I empty one it's very light to lift off being made of old pine floorboard and 9mm ply. The mounting board is sloped at an angle and the heel is a chamfered block so when the plane is put back, the wedge shape at the heel holds the plane to the board. I've always stored planes sole down but if you were concerned using this method then you could put a slither of wood in a position to hold the blade back from the mounting board. Not leather though. Depending on the humidity of your workshop, you may have a little rust spot where it contacts the sole.

Mine are stored on level shelves. iron down.

I saw a tip in (I think it was) Robert Wearing - Making Woodwork Aids and Devices, to store planes on old carpet with a drop of oil on them. Did this a couple of years ago. They never rust! They are oiled and ready to go when you pick them up. The oil does get a bit black after a while, so I simply make new strips

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