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Busy day! Put up a shed. Then came back to this. I decided to try and make the fence removable so that I can make a 45deg mitred one next and interchange them as needed.

I used a squared peice of stock to act as a temporary fence for the No. 078 and set to making a dado to accomodate the threaded rod (M6 stainless). First time I've used a Rebat / Rabbet plane. I really like the results but I was struggling to get the channels square on the bottom of the cut, I seemed to be putting more pressure on one side of the iron than the other. Luckly I could just flip the workpeice over. More practice needed!
Once the cut was established I didn't need the guide any more
Edit: I also planed a little more off the top deck stand-offs so that it's now a 4deg slope.

Really enjoyed using that. Then I planed a peice of softwood to the size of the dado / width of the cutter on the 078 and used this to sand out any wayward strands of wood
This worked really well so it's earnt a place on the plane-shrine mantle
Then I took the laminated fence (Sapele - Maple - Sapele) which I glued up y'day... Edit: has a 4deg bevel planed into the underside so it effectively creates 90deg receiving for the future workpeice
...and drilled 9mm holes in to accomodate threaded inserts. These were epoxy'd into the fence.

and I made a doofer for the front of the shooting board. This has a stop to enable positive engagement with the board when clamping the fence on.


then I put it all together.


Edit - all I could find were these T-track M6 inserts, I'll order some nice M6 knurled thumb nuts at some point....

Later on I'll glue the top deck onto the shooting board with some dowels if I feel brave enough. I plan to offset the top deck a little to enable a bench dog location hole on the sideto help keep the board in place when using. There will be a bench-stop on the underside as well.

Thanks for all your discussion, helps me a lot!