Sharpening jig for short chisels

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Just do it by hand in the old fashioned way.
Actually a jig does help with short spoke shave blades: a 6" bit of 2x1/2", with a saw kerf in the end to slot the blade in.
Doesn't have to be fixed with a bolt or anything - under pressure they stay put. this handle enables more pressure, control and speed.
Helps to undercut the bottom side with a bevel, so you can dip the angle lower
Any jig with wheels that run on the stone, such as the Eclipse that I use, will have a limit to how short a blade can be sharpened to the desired angle, caused by the laws of geometry. The Eclipse has the correct protrusion lengths for 30° and 25° cast into its body, and if you cannot achieve that much, you cannot get those angles.

With wheels that run to each side of the stone (and it doesn't have to be the bench surface) you should be able to accommodate any length of stone by adjusting the height of the blade. It doesn't have to be a high-tech item, there are plenty of do-it-yourself designs available

I have the Veritas MK2 and the basic Axminster one but I am very tempted by a whetstone grinder.

The manual jigs work well but I find it’s a lot of faff before you get to using your tools.

A well-executed hollow grind, such as as close to the edge as possible, significantly speeds up honing (as there is less steel to work).

The hollow is also the smallest jig for sharpening!

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