Settlers of Catan - or cutting hexagons...

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Those look great , that board of Lace wood looked very nice , would have made a lovely box(y)no expert with Lasers but i know you will struggle to cut anything other than very thin softwoods with your machine but they are ideal for etching,could yours cut 6mm hardwood:unsure: the simple answer is no , you would need to go with Co2 and a pretty powerful one or Fibre which i know even less about but is supposed to be good but expensive.
The laser will in theory cut the wood but over a number of passes and a burned cut not clean...

this photo shows today’s work- the port triangles which go around the board - same principle in printing a triangle and then rough cutting with the bandsaw and finishing on the sander, but far more accurate results as I have improved - photo to come of board laid out...
All I need to do now is get in to board games and I can get myself a laser too :ROFLMAO:

Maybe my motivations aren't quite right.

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