Sealing inside of 1970s garage roof

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Cool Breeze

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9 Aug 2020
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Newport, Isle of Wight
Hi all, I am in need of some sound advice.

I have a 1970s garage with what I beleive has the low density Asbestos ceiling boards on the inside of it, the boards are in perfect condition and the outer roof has just been re-felted - All good.

I want to use the garage to set up and use an exercise bike but I want to make sure that during my very (unfit) heavy breathing I am not inhaling any asbestos nasties.

Question: What can I use to (preferably spray) paint the ceiling, just to be on the safe side.

Many thanks in advance
It doesn't need it for you to remain safe, but if you want to paint it, paint it with any old thing. Normal emulsion will do just fine.
Unless you damage the boards, nothing dangerous will be coming off. I suspect a nice coat of white paint will brighten it all up though, something vinyl based would be good as it will resist moisture and be easy to clean should it need it. Vinyl silk for example, or eggshell would be perfect.

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