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17 Mar 2023
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Good morning all

I have finished building a work shop with a felt roof. It's an apex roof. I have put a roof membrane (waterproof) underneath the felt and tacked the felt to the roof with provided nails. However, since the shed is quite close to a fence, I was unable to nail the overlap of the felt in the middle of the roof. Means the overlap is nailed from both sides as far as I can reach, but there is a meter without nails. I don't want the wind to lift it up eventually so I am looking for a way to glue it down (preferrably not black bitumen, something felt roof colour or clear).

And my second question is: Can I use expanding foam to seal the overlap from roof to panel as there is a gap and I want to keep bugs out? or will it be too strong and put pressure on while expanding?

Thanks so much for your help in advance.
Not what you asked, but can't you or someone get on the roof and finish the nailing?
Would it be an option to put a slim, long piece of pressure treated timber along? The shed is 3m/10ft long and if I put a 3m long piece along it and screw it along as far as I can reach? Hmm screws might make the roof leak.
You are unnecessarily complicating this small inconvenience.

If the roof isn't strong enough to carry you give the hammer and nails to a 10 year old, if no competent minor is to be found, temporarily support the roof from inside while you finish nailing.
Why not as Artie says add a temporary support inside and make a couple of cat ladders - roofing lathes are good material for a these -- use one each side to access the area needed. the cat ladders will spread the load as well.
Will your neighbours not allow you into their garden for a few mins, to prop a ladder against the fence and get the job finished?
Thanks all for your input, we will try to get 2 ladders ( pieces of an extension ladder) behind shed and fence, use them as stepping points to get along accessing them from the side and my light and slim friend will lean on the roof nailing the rest. If all fails, we'll place one of the ladders across the roof and my friend will crawl along while two of us hold it from the side to prevent it slipping.
I'll let you know how we got on. :)
My neighbour is so friendly, she even throws her sweeped up dust over the fence, so no, access from her side is not an option.
Just an update, it's done by crawling along the shed roof on a board. Thanks for all your help and ideas. Tomorrow I will yield the expansion foam gun to fill gaps. :D

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