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14 Aug 2023
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I recently bought a second hand Scheppach TS 4010 at a very good price.
However after a few cuts the motor stopped . With the help of a neighbour , who is an electrician, we narrowed the problem down to the “no volt switch” or relay.
I bought a replacement from a Scheppach reseller in Brighouse, which I still have to install. But the price was extortionate at £84 for something I am sure should be in the region of 30-40 pounds!
I also need to replace the riving knife which was missing when I got it. Price I have seen online is around £50, again extortionate in my opinion for a simple piece of metal plate.
I was a metal worker by trade
And have access to a fabrication workshop including a cnc plasma cutting machine.
My question is, does anyone have a dimensioned drawing for the riving knife ?
I could work from a simple outline drawing on A4 paper if anyone would be willing to outline it for me.
Failing that I would need to measure and draw up my own design.
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If you can wait a week or so, I can do this.

IIRC the material you need is ground flat plate or something - can’t remember the thickness odd the standard riving knife, but I did look into finding a thinner one when I had the crazy idea of buying a PCD diamond blade (you wouldn’t like the price of that!)

Thank you! That would be very much appreciated. I am on holiday still for a few more days, waiting a bit longer is not an issue.
Thanks again! :)
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NMA agencies are the scheppach importer, might have a manual to download for a drawing.

NMA agencies are the scheppach importer, might have a manual to download for a drawing.

Thanks, I already have the manual, courtesy of Richard at NMA. It does have an exploded view diagram of the whole machine, but it isn’t possible to make one of this as no dimensions or the basic flat shape are given.

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