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19 Jul 2021
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I have a Henderson branded roller shutter door for my garage. Henderson went bust soon after it was installed. The rubber sealing strip for the bottom is wearing and needs replacing. Does anyone know of a source?
It has a T shaped top edge to slide onto the shutter 8mm across on a small 2mm stand. Below that the edge is 16mm across and 25mm high. 10mm across at the base.

Formseal kindly sent me a sample of their nearest product but it is too wide to slide into the door edge.

The right product must exist there are a lot of Henderson rolling plastic shutter doors out there.
how about the bristte strip type.....
dial this into strip brushes for garage door.......
first entry is a rubber one and the second has bristles......
might help.....
Door seal update Pictures of current seal

The issue is that you can no longer buy the seals to fit the channel, but do you need to do that? I can think of 2 different ways. One is to remove the old seal, clean, perhaps with meths, the back face of the channel holder where it sits below the door proper and fix self adhesive seal to that face. Search amazon for universal garage door seal to see plenty of ideas. Second way, it looks like the seal channel is held to the door with screws so easy to remove. Take it all off and fit something which comes complete with its own carrier which you can simply screw on in its place., search for stormguard garage seal on screwfix as a staring point. Rubber, or bristle as suggested above.

I also came accross this stuff, which looks interesting but I've not used it. you might be able to get it off teh roll and into the channel and let it expand to fit.
Thanks Woodgrain that will do me. Until I look at the measures. Profiles the same but it's twice the width and won't fit the slot
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Just to round this thread off for anyone in the future requiring a seal for a Henderson Domestic roller garage door.
Seals Direct Item number SRS 1905 fits the existing door groove.

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