Threshold seal for 25mm boarded door.

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24 Aug 2008
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Essex/ Suffolk border
I am about to start making some doors, one of which is the outer porch door. This will be a boarded and ledged door, which means that it will only be about an inch thick. This is incompatible with the usual double-sealed threshold strips. I certainly don't want to plant anything on the inner face at the bottom edge. The outer face will have a weather bar, so if absolutely necessary I could plant something on the face of the door hidden by the weather bar above it, but I'd like a neater solution if possible.

Any ideas?
I most likely have the wrong end of the stick, but what about wheel chair friendly threshold strips.
I had one of these when I fitted a composite door frame as I did not want a trip hazard waiting for my old age .
I'm about to embark on a similar project so I'd be interested to see how you go about this.

I assume the door is inward opening and will fit in a rebated door frame. I'm wondering if something like this might suit - i.e. integrated with the weatherboard: ... oak-128785

perhaps in conjunction with the old-fashioned weather bar? ... galvanised

I think a trap for the unwary is to have the weather seal/strip at the bottom further out than the rebate - so water running down the edges of the door could be directed the wrong way.

Cheers, W2S

PS a simpler solution would be a rebate along the bottom inside edge of the door with a compression seal along it - butting against the steel weatherbar in the floor (my current front door does this).

PPS I meant outside edge!
I can't have a weatherbar, because there is no cill, just a brick floor meeting a brick soldier course (strictly, a half-brick on edge). So I really need a threshold strip, and the sealed ones I can find don't seem to suit a 1" door. Interesting seal, though, set in the weatherboard.
What we around here call a macclesfield step is what's needed. Old ones are iron later ones thick Ally new ones thin Ally. There let into the door frame.
I've never heard that term before. This is the best I can find in terms of technical drawings, and the 30mm upstand is going to be the killer. My mum is a wheelchair user.

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