Cutting Down the Draught Under a Door

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6 Oct 2016
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This might not be the right forum to ask in but ....

It has been brought to my attention that our front door is "naff" and is to be replaced. SWMBO has spoken therefore it has been added to the list. Selecting a nice timber door and fitting it really shouldn't be a problem.

Existing door frame is to stay even though it sits perhaps 10mm above the floor level.

Now when I say "front door", I mean the old front door. It's now the door between the unheated, draughty but water tight porch and the rest of the house. It's old school rebate-in-the-bottom-of-the-door-to-accept-raised-metal-threshold-strip type of thing, and naturally some air finds it's way around it. Strip is ~6.5mm wide and stands ~14mm high and is probably as deep again embedded in the wood.

I've looked at some of the threshold sills like but they seem pretty obtrusive or just too high. Perhaps there are "nicer" ones on the market that I've not spotted. It feels like this should be the route to go down since it does the least visual damage to the door.

So my thoughts are to remove the bar and either replace it with rebating the new door to fit or router out a groove to take a brush seal eg Although the latter is aesthetically more pleasing to look at a smooth threshold, experience has taught me these brushes are awkward to fit accurately and will wear over time. If there's room, I might be tempted to fit both

But before decide, I thought I'd ask if there is another, probably better, way.


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