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28 Dec 2019
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Yate Bristol
Hello all.....help required choosing a chuck....I have an old Sealey SM 42. Ok not the most clever of lathes but it works.... Turning up to 12” I am wondering what the best chuck would be.
Taking into account size and bearings of this old beast....I am thinking the sc4 chucks maybe too heavy.... albeit they are good from what I have heard
Wondering if anyone has any guidance for me



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11 Feb 2011
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I have the rp2000. For small stuff I quite like it. I mainly keep the small pin jaws on it which close to nothing. If doing small stuff, I would rather use my collet chuck, but the rp2000 does get used because it is handy. Where I do always use this chuck is to hold some pepper mills after initial turning because the larger chuck that I have since bought doesn't have small enough jaws. In time I will buy a set.

I didn't buy the small jaws that close to about 6mm. The remounting jaws are great in theory but in practice are either between sizes or usually don't open big enough.

The standard jaws and bigger jaws do get used as required, mainly for holding spindle blanks rather than bowls, but that is what I usually turn.

I have used it for a couple of smallish bowls and I wasn't a huge fan. Some of that may be my inexperience with bowl turning but I never had confidence in it near the capacity of my lathe (10").

Finally on the rp2000 I have rounded the screws over time, and record power want about £20 for a new set which is ridiculous. They are strange enough in shape that nothing else seems to fit.

I am not familiar with the Sealy lathe, but I have the vicmarc vm100 on my jet mini and it doesn't struggle. I don't do many bowls, so do check with others but I think that you would get more use out of a 100mm chuck. I don't regret buying the rp2000 but i always see whether I can use my vicmarc one first before I reach for it, even if I have to spend time switching jaws.

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