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Jeremy Nako

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13 Jul 2020
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I fully understand the reason why, but I'm struggling to find anyone who's running a beginners routing course / training session at the moment.

Does anyone know of any courses that are being run.. formal or otherwise..?

My preference would be for a one-to-one day or a couple of days.

I live in Twickenham but happy to travel up to a couple of hours each way for the right thing.

There are lots of courses advertised and previously available.. but very few have restarted since lockdown.

I believe that this one still hasn't restarted.
Would you believe it.. 2 hours after my posting and I get notification of a couple of the courses restarting, so I'm now sorted now !
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Full credit to you Jeremy for seeking out some training. The router must be the most versatile power tool in the workshop, and with the right jigs and right tooling is capable of the most astonishing range of woodworking tasks to a very high level of accuracy. A couple of days in the company of someone who knows what they're doing should really pay dividends.