Rookie bandsaw problem

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Jamie Copeland

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4 Jan 2015
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Having set up my new shiny bandsaw last week and testing it on some pieces of scrap wood I decided today to try cutting a bowl blank from a piece of green beech.

I sliced the bark edges off and drew a circle on top before starting to cut. I was using a 3/4 sabre tooth blade.

I thought this was ok for straight and radial cuts, but clearly not! The blade bent and started cutting squint.

I'm using good quality blades so I'm almost certain it's a case of user error!

Where did I go wrong?

I'd rather not keep ruining blades or ruin the bandsaw or, worse still, ruin myself!
What diameter blank are you trying to cut.

A 3/4" blade will cut a minimum of 7" radius/14" diameter according to the Tuffsaws website. If you have been trying to cut a smaller curve you will have some problems - this could be the root of your problem.

I know little about it,but recently i have been in talks with a chap about what blades to use for what purpose,in his view (in his position i think he should know), it is better to use a narrower blade ie,1/4 carbon with 6 or 10 tpi for curves and bends.

Please don't take this as the reason why your has broken,im only conveying what i have been told,im a newbie,im sure someone else will be along soon for more info.
Mark, not on green wood for blanks, they are not strong enough. The 3/4 blade was OK, but I suspect it may be application, sap or set up.
May need relief cuts before attempting the circle. I'm chucking that out there like a buzz word by the way, I could be talking nonsense.

But it will help, look up relief cuts and you'll see what I mean.
I'm pretty sure you would want to be using a less wide blade 1/2 inch or less. It does depend on the radius you are cutting. TPI is more about depth of cut and finish the cut leaves.