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16 Jan 2022
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Stoke piges
Hi everybody , earlier today I was using my record planer thicknesses which has never had any issues . As I was planing through the feeder the long board pushed up against my shed door and cut out . Every time since I try start the machine it blows the 13 amp fuse in the plug . The machine starts and runs for a second and then boom the fuse is blown . Has anybody experienced this before and if so what was the issue . I can’t figure out what’s the issue even though I’m not much of a sparky
Any help or guidance would be much appreciated
The fuse is blowing due to a fault , it’s protecting your machine from further damage ,isolate from the supply- check the plug for damage to wiring, check the power cable for any splits etc , try plugging it into a different socket, any sign of overheating-scorch marks on the plug or socket. These are all the basics I’d be checking for . After these checks ans you’ve not sorted it then the issue could be planer itself motor , internal wiring, or a jammed or seized motor or of faulty components- good look.
Hi Bingy
Thank for the info . I have checked the cable etc . When I switch on the planer it turns but for a second and then blows the fuse . The moter is turning freely , hopefully somebody on here has had the same problem and found what the fault is
Were you planing or actually thicknessing, sounds like the later with " through the feeder and it jamed ".

I have a PT107 and I first used to run it from a 13 amp supply but it would occasionally trip, it is now my only machine on a 16 amp supply and never pops a fuse. It is borderline on current so something has happened to make yours draw that extra current since the wood caused it to cut out.

You say the motor is turning freely, have you removed the belt? Is this only happening with the feeder roller engaged?
Hi Roy
I was thicknessing , the motor starts and then blows the fuse. The feed roller is turning . If im home early enough this evening ill strip it and and check that the motor is turning freely and the feeder . I just seen a video on you tube where somebody had the same problem and it turns out that the capacitor was faulty . I will see what type capacitor it has and replace that . Thank you for your help and input

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