Axminster planer/thicknesser AW106PT2 - not starting

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31 Oct 2022
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Today my AW106PT2 wouldn't start. Or at least I think it started for a microsecond then cut out.
Things I've checked:
13A plug fuse is OK and the wiring as far as the machine is OK. Cable undamaged.
I know there are microswitches to ensure the tables and dust extraction are in place - I don't really know where they are but it doesn't work in either planer or thicknesser mode so that's probably not the issue.
I can't remember whether the light on the green ON switch is supposed to be illuminated when there is power, but it isn't on now
I've taken the front off and have poked around with a mains tester screwdriver, but there's no sign of power anywhere on exposed terminals.
I can't find any kind of wiring diagram for this machine - there are a couple of big black plastic boxes attached to the frame but I don't know what they are. Maybe there's a capacitor somewhere?
All ideas welcome
Thank you. Sadly it says almost nothing about the electrical side of things although it does contain this nice deadpan line about maintenance:
"Now is a very good time to clean the slot housings thoroughly, remove the resin build-up, sawdust, chips and any old joiners/carpenters etc."
I'd give Axminster a ring, normally quite helpfull.

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