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5 Sep 2003
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Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Hi All,

I've just started using a new Powermatic lathe imported from the US and although I'm still on the verge of wetting myself everytime I use it (it's that good) there's one small problem.

I enjoy the company of the radio when I'm turning and the new Powermatic interferes with reception badly, none of the other lathes or machinery in the workshop do this and working many hours a day without the radio is not good for my sanity.

The Powermatic uses basically the same electrics as most of my other lathes, large 3 phase motor run on 240v through an inverter and electronic variable speed, anyone any experience or advice with similar problems.




The system should be CE marked which is an indication (amongst other things) that it doesn't radiate electrical noise. Not sure if US kit comes CE marked but I am pretty sure it is law for all imported goods to be CE certified before being sold in UK

Sounds like a noisy speed controller. If mounted in a plastic box, then surrounding it with metal might help reduce radiated noise. Simply using metal foil might do this (could be inside controller but NOT touching any electronic components). Connect the metal foil to the earth wire to give a path for induced noise currents to flow.

Alternately, the noise could be reflected back onto the mains and thus picked up by the radio. A battery powered radio would cure this. However, you shpould really fit a mains filter to the inverter where it connects to the single phase supply as the leccy board hate noisy systems on their supply. or will sell you one.

Good luck ( I would try battery powered radio first)

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