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4 Dec 2022
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Aldershot Hampshire
Good morning all I’ve been looking around for a bench drill I’ve looked at numerous one but left confused by so man. I’ve looked at the £299.00 Lumberjack 16mm Bench Top Pillar Drill Press with Variable Speed Digital Display. I have been looking for a variable speed drill not a floor one but a dece well built one which I don’t have keep changling the belt. im disabled with an aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis had 2 small strokes amongst other problems so looking for a well built with little or no belt changes for speed something simple like me 😂. I will Al be looking at a bit later for a lathe thicknesser planer router table. I think I found the router table I’m after is the Rutland GTS R-20 with electronic lift and thicknesser planer im sort of stuck between Axminster and I tech ones they have got a 6 spiral cutter but for now if anyone knows of a goos bench drill with variable speed and possibly a laser as they help me
cheers all steve👨🏼‍🦽


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