Power Washers


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I think Karcher sell by name and quality isn't that good.
Like so many companies that are still living on a past reputation that they no longer deserve, the German car industry comes to mind and so many white goods. If you want a decent pressure washer then look at Nilfisk.
Just a FWIW I decided to try a pressure washer and because of where I live I don’t pay import duties on Chinese products so bought one for about ⅓rd of the Karcher K2 with higher quality at £30. This wasn’t a stretch due to the price, little risk and I am likely to sell it on as it is still perfectly good. My opinion is that the Karcher and other plastic washers are overpriced, oversold and lower quality that the other options. Since a pressure washer is essentially a motor and pump with accessories I decided to go for the inexpensive option.


It worked well and showed me that I could find an excellent use for a much higher power one and got one of these locally for about £400


this has been a good investment though I have got quite a few extras like a 30 meter hose.
I always try to empty the machine in the way yoy suggest. However, I tended to leave the wand connected connected which trapped what ever water remaining in so I will.in future, disconnect the wand. Thanks for your contribution
Look at kranzle. Seem made for life and powerful enough for most tasks. Mine has served me well and I hope it’ll see me out
Thanks for that,Tom. I will take a look for future reference as I have repaired Karcher. Quick fix and quite cheaply but let's see how long it lasts even though I will try to treat it with kidd gloves!
just share this one with you all. i released the trigger of the lance on my karcher, all the pressure is then suddenly in the hose, the mini gauge on the back of the lance went sailing past my ear with, i assume 2500 psi. behind it
Have I been lucky with my Karcher. I bought it about 10 years ago on offer for about £50 and I've had no problem.
Admittedly it only gets used 3 or 4 times a year and when I've finished I turn the water off and leave the trigger open until all water has been blown out of the system. It then went back in the garage, never a shed.
Prior to purchase I had been warned that leaving water in them, especially the cheaper models, would kill them. It would either cause oxidation/furring up of the aluminium parts used to reduce production costs or freeze if not correctly stored.