power planer am i using it correctly


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14 Jan 2005
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hi all just purchased a wickes power planer at the weekend for £20 gave it a try today,

tried on hardwood 30mm x30mm x 300mm , wood was square when i started after planning one face i appeared to have a slight curve over the length of stock.

tried on longer piece of softwood 25mm wide which had a hollow in the middle thinking the planer would flatten it out after a few passess but was not a success, the planer seems to cut more at start of cut than taking a equal amount of down length of wood.

am i going wrong somewere tried old marples plane with better results.

thank you

Take care there is a very well greased Slope TM just behind you. :wink:

Power planers in the right hands can be quite useful. I have a Power Devil one but my old Stanleys are a much better option.

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