Soundproofing jointer / thickness planer combo

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27 Nov 2020
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I am in search of a jointer/thicknesser combo. I am keen on buying Hammer A2-26 (the recently introduced model) which is the lowest offer of Felder products. However this machine does not have a spiral cutter head and I am concerned about the noise, as I have a few neighbors who are either permanently at home or are working night shifts, etc., so I may disturb them during the day.

There are two sources of noise, the first one is the motor and the second one is the knives cutting the wood. As I cannot wrap cutter head into any insulation, I came up with an idea to put self-adhesive sound-absorbing panels on the inside of the jointer/thickness planer sheet metal envelope.

Something like this.

But my reasoning is that this is a too cheap solution for the noise problem and if it actually worked, the OEM manufacturers would use it as they do with dishwashers and similar appliances. Also, a machine cannot be completely sealed around with a sound absorbing-insulation, so it might be of little use.

My question is if anybody here tried that before and if yes, what are your results?

I think that lowering the noise by 5-10 dB would be a success for me.

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