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Camberwell Carrot
11 Dec 2017
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OK, so my next project is to build a Pergola. The concrete pad is already done (7.6m x 4.8m) and I've just started on the design which has a couple of site related issues that need designing out. The wood will either be treated Pine or green Oak depending on what's available and the price. I'm off to the wood yard to price up the timber tomorrow.
There have been posts from a couple of you that have already built a Pergola and I'm looking for information on what would be the best hardware to use. I don't mean the screws and bolts but things like the post bases and how best to fix it into the concrete and whether I should use any ties on the rafters. I live on the side of a hill and the wind can be a little boisterous sometimes.

Thanks in advance.

Concrete pad? That's an unusual way of starting a pergola. Normally you'd concrete some steel shoes into the ground and fix the posts to that.
Do you mean you are making an open building with a pitched roof? Hence you have laid a complete concrete slab? Or have you just laid concrete pads?

A drawing would help.
The concrete pad was already in place before the decision to put a Pergola on it was made.
Steve Maskery has a similar thread on the go - I just posted pics of the base fixings I used for mine: not these, but I could only find pictures of expensive stainless steel. The idea is to keep the wood away from the ground - no moisture, so no rot, hopefully.


NB my pergola is attached to the house, so there is less possibility for lateral movement than for a free-standing erection. I assume bracing would stop wobbles.
AJB Temple":33u2r2dx said:
Sounds like an excellent base for a workshop. 8)

Originally, that was the plan but I have a terraced plot and the retaining wall that is under the concrete was found to be less than sturdily built and I didn't fancy putting a building on it for that reason. My workshop is now in the basement of the house and centrally heated. :D

Thanks TN, that's the sort of thing I was thinking about. Mine will be attached to the back of the garage so it should be solid.