Hi from Norfolk -sturdy storage shed build


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18 May 2023
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I'm a heating maintenance/installation techincian - can't bring myself to say engineer - as I'm not at the forefront of design and innovation etc.

I'm happy to describe myself as a beginner to wood working and construction.

Great to be here - in perusing the forums I've already seen such a wealth of knowledge and particulary enjoy the projects evolving through pictures.

I've hit the stage in life where i need more space for my stuff!
I'm blessed with a large garden (being in Norfolk) and want to free up space in my barn style workshop by making a very low budget uninsulated but dry storage shed/outbuilding - primarily to store a ride on lawn mower, garden stuff, bicycles etc.
It'll be 5 x 4m and be attached to the existing workshop. During winter months we pretty much live in a bog - so I thought a concrete pad would be the way to go??
I've got in the region of 120 4.2m x (2 x 8) hardwood reclaimed boards - from a pig shed of all places! It's solid wood and i'd like to use it for my build.

Is it feasible to lay a slab with a dwaf wall and make the wooden wall sections utilising the timber horizontally slotted into vertical 'H' section posts? similar to concrete fence posts? Is there a term for this type of construction? Is it even a thing?

I'm just looking at materials I have available and thinkng how they could work.

And what software do people use for bringing their ideas to life? I've seen fusion mentioned in the forums - a link would be great.

I attach an image of my most ambitious wod working project to date:

Many thanks



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I've seen internal stables built using that method - maybe router out railway sleepers for the uprights? I've just laid a concrete pad - also on clay soil so I've done it a little higher than the surrounding ground and put a damp-proof builders plastic down between hardcore base and the concrete pad. My 'workshop' will be about the size of your storage shed but I'll be glad to have a workspace again.

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