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17 May 2022
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Blair Atholl, Perthshire.
Hi, I have joined recently and thought I might share some photos of some of the projects I have tackled in the past. The garden benches are made entirely from offcuts I scrounged from a shop fitter. Mainly iroko and oak. All the joints are mortice and tenon. The funny shaped coffee table was made from salvaged parts of a baby grand piano which was ruined by a burst pipe. I am enjoying reading about other members projects and tips.


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Hi welcome,
I like the benches they do look well, not so keen on the table but hey everyone's different.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your comments. The table was commissioned by the owner of the piano who was delighted with the result. It was quite tricky to make as the lid was only 3/4" thick, making attaching the legs securely difficult. The curved part was cut from the body of the piano with a jigsaw, then separated into a few parts and run through the thicknesser.
Nice work. I made 4 very similar outdoor benches for a customer this time last year in oak. I wish I had thought to make an @RSE-shaped curve in the seat like you did. I think it is a very nice touch that probably makes them more comfortable, facilitates water run-off and definitely makes them more visually appealing and is not a lot of extra work. Next time I will steal this idea and for now it is stored into my ever growing ‘you old fool I can’t believe you didn’t think of that’ category. Thanks.