Parkside performance?

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Yes for that battery, in the link you provided.
But not for most other things.

I'm thinking maybe everything can't be bought online, so they don't show prices for stuff not available.
@artie I see now, seems to be a mix of things that are for sale and others not. Some things don’t appear to be available but do have parts that are. A real jumble


I suspect some of the tools will be briefly available depending on whether they're being supplied to stores at the time you look at the website. Then you might be able to purchase some of that batch, but as we know, the tools themselves are not in production all the time and thus, not on the shelf all year round. Smaller items like batteries will be on the shelf for longer, with one batch dovetailing with the arrival of another.

For all the disadvantages in the supply side, you still get better quality tools for even less money than Aldi, who will sell you a crappy ferrex thing for almost as much money as a proper brand name!
Just a heads up for some that may not know , Parkside have now a new range of performance batteries, (fit all the x20 tools ) they have Bluetooth features and 21700 cells , come in 4ah & 8ah also a new smart charger that charges up to 12 amps ,,
Like some guys have said before , some of the tools are not great !!! Myself I was always dissatisfied with the circular saw , having to coax it through 18mm mdf even with a 4ah battery and a new blade ,, the green angle grinder was unusable with a 2ah battery and barely with a 4ah battery , not anymore since I bought a 8ah smart battery,, it’s totally transformed the circular saw , no more coaxing through the mdf now and the angle grinder is a beast now 😁
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I have the cordless angle grinder, which struggled with some light metal tubing. I must investigate this 8ah battery! Not seen it in the store, yet.
Hi Guys, anyone any experience with the parkside performance power tools? Is the pricing to good to be true I'm due a new drill and impact driver as my stanley fat max are neatly 10 years old and lidl have the parkside range n stick this week. I'm looking at a combi drill, impact driver and jigsaw with 2 battery for €200 or do I stick to a name brand SF have a dewalt combi drill and impact driver for €214 I'd say I fall into heavy diy user. The parkside have great spec on them. Any feed back would be great. Thanks
I have a couple of their bench tools (sander,lathe etc) and I think they’re well worth a look.. good luck!

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