Panelling/Skirting board Question!

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20 Mar 2024
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Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone might be able to help me find an answer to this panelling/skirting board question please.

We have two different heights of skirting board in our hallway: slightly shorter downstairs, taller upstairs (old Victorian house, lots of things don’t match!). We want to panel the walls using tongue and groove kits, which are 0.89mm long. My main concern is that the panelling will be taller upstairs and shorter downstairs due to the difference in skirting board heights, and thought we should get some longer pieces to cut so it all maintains the same height throughout (if that makes sense). Am I barmy? My partner thinks I’m over thinking things!

Does it matter that they’re different heights? What would you do?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Triple the carpet underlay upstairs so the skirting appears lower to match downstairs.

Hope for a few warm summers until there is enough differential settlement between up and down for the levels to match.

What is the difference in height between up and down?

What place could you stand where (1) you could see up and down panelling at the same time; (2) be equidistant from both; (3) actually notice the height difference?

If there is such a place, hang a picture there that will be more interesting for a person to look at than the panelling.
As @ChaiLatte is asking 1 what is the actual difference in height . 2 can you get the panelling kits in a longer length so you trim to fit and maintain the height . 3 depending on the actual height difference and in no way am I trying to offend you but who other than yourself will no about it . Older houses are full of little quirks so personally as long as it’s fitted well with no obvious flaws I’d not be too concerned about it..
Possibly over thinking it, some people might think it's wrong if the panel sections above the skirtings are different heights......
I can't quite picture what you are trying to achieve. If you are after vertical T&G boards with a capping to the top - as often used in bathrooms or pubs ,( what a friend used to call the ' Pig and Whistle'. look ) Then this is usually applied on top of the existing skirting with a couple of intermediary 50mm wide battens between 12mm to 16mm thick, fixed to the plastered wall behind the middle and top of the T&G. This allows three good fixing positions. New skirting is then applied over the top of the T&G.
if the difference is no more than say half an inch - one at the most - I doubt anyone will notice...

Also if the top of the panelling going up stairs (and it will on an angle of course) terminates in such a way that it doesn't butt straight onto the landing installation... then again highly unlikely it will be obvious to anyone?

The other option is to add an extra moulding to the hall skirting so as to match the height of the landing? This is often done when seeking to match older skirtings and the current ranges don't immediatley match what's already there (if one were to replace the current skirting.
The wife wanted to put up a feature wall in the bedroom she sleeps in during the day (nurse) and will be paining it all a black. 😳 It is the same as I did in the adjacent bathroom with the exception that the top (dado, plate rail) is 4"/100mm higher. Standing back and looking into both rooms you can see the difference if you are looking hard but it doesn't look "wrong". Most people will never notice. If it really worries you draw the panelling on the walls, you will be covering it, and stand back and look at them. I bet it will look fine.