Osmo oil on a Wickes Oak door? (says not to)


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Joe Shmoe

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8 Mar 2008
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I've fitted a few sets of these Oak Veneer doors over the past couple of years, (Howdens brand) and used Osmo oil to finish.

Halfway through fitting some that I got from Wickes and noticed it says not to use Oil?

I don't remember previous doors from Howdens stating oil isn't suitable (and that's what I've used previously without issue) so why is Wickes?

Can anyone more experience than me tell me what the score is here?

Thanks folks.


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I think the only oil Howdens recommend for use on their Oak doors is Osmo door oil, like Wickes their doors say not suitable for oils and waxes but they do add Osmo door oil is okay to use, don't know how it's different to other oils though.

personally I think they are just covering themselves as it's one less thing they have to guarantee against. I guess there is the outside chance that the oil and solvent will weaken the glues holding the laminate. If you have an offcut of a laminated door or one that you don't mind testing you could really soak it in osmo and see if it affects it in any way.

I may well be wrong but I can't imagine that the oil soaks that far into the wood to reach the glue layer. especially if you did a few lighter coats.

I have the same dilemma as at some point I want new doors and want to oil finish them. I have however waxed an old interior pine door that is laminated and it hasn't fallen apart yet.
I was told that some oils can soak in and damage the glue. So manufacturers say do not use oil as an easy get out. I asked the manufacturer of some veneered oak doors I bought. The veneer is paper thin but they look good and were reasonably priced. The manufacturer said they were happy with Osmo door oil, which I used without problems.
The oil may not soak through the laminate to the glue but may cause damage where the laminate has been cut through for hinges, locks etc where the glue edge is exposed?
These wickes doors look identical to the howdens holdenby oak doors, and they do have the same 'no waxes or oils other than osmo door oil' warning.

That said I have last week used briwax clear wax on 4 of these very doors with no immediate side effects other than breathing the fumes.