Using oil on door??

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Richard Burns

29 Jan 2024
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Hi, after a little advise/opinion.

I was going to use osmo Polyx oil on my internal doors, as this is the same product I used on my floor, so wanted to keep the same finish.

However reading the insert for the door it says no oil bases finishes to be used.

Can anyone tell me why this would be?
Would you ignore and use oil anyway?


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A chippy friend was telling me that the glue they are using on some new doors/veneers are effected by oil and can become unstuck, and it is the manufactures - get out of warranty claims - is why they state it. He says its like when you chop in hinges to a pre finished door, if you don't paint/seal the exposed wood under the hinge then the warranty is void 🤷‍♂️

I think you would be fine with Osmo, as this I believe is a film that sits on top of the wood rather than soaking in like oil does. The worst case is if there is a problem, you wouldn't be able to claim under warranty.
with osmo the main ingredient is pure tung oil so it is a oil finish, with varnish added and probably dryers as well, it will still penetrate into the wood somewhat, doors are so poorly made now, no real joinery, just veneers and plastic, it's no wonder the veneer just peels off, do a test first, it should be fine.