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26 Sep 2012
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Hoping someone can help me.
Trying to match some existing windows and I’m positive there’s an online factory supplying these windows as I see them in a lot of places. I have already looked “timber window online”

They are stormproof double glazed windows, painted in a sort of red/brown sapele finish. They have multipoint locks and either friction stay hinges or regular side hung. Also require trickle vents.

Wondering if anyone has purchased windows like this online and which companies provide a better quality, price and online user interface for ordering.

I can post a photo if requested but all takes time don’t it....
Probably something like a Jeld-Wen window that you could get through Jewsons and the like back in the day.
That was my first thought, but I'm not sure that Jeld Wen used multi-point locking. I fitted some in a conservatory a 20+ years ago, and there were individual locking handles only.
Jeld Wen stormsure do have multi-point locking. It’s an odd bit of trivia to know - we used them to replace some windows on a rental property and it stuck in my mind as one didn’t work properly and Jewson had to get us a new mechanism.

Edit - it wasn’t Jewson it was MKM!
Would make a lot of sense as Jeld wen are based in Melton which is right near my workshop and catchment area.

shall look into it thanks.