ni-mh / ni-cd to li-ion adapters for powertools

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21 Feb 2020
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South West
I was considering buying some second hand dewalt cordless tools, and the best prices seem to be on the older tools which take the plug in rather than slide on batteries. to use them I'd need to buy an adapter, eg, ... B07LF9544Y

I wondered if anyone uses these regularly and if they are reliable? I am concerned that the older machines may not have the correct battery protection circuits and would damage my li-ion batteries.

If anyone has any recomendations of brands / models that would be great (bizzarely the dewalt own brand adapter has pretty mixed reviews)

thank you
I have the old 18v Nicad battery drills and an adaptor, it's useless, I have now modified the battery case to take LiIon and put balance leads on the case as a plug in lead for the balance charger I have for other batteries I have for my model aircraft, wonderful what you can do with CA and some hot glue.
so you no longer use the original charger at all?

just out of interest, why is the adapter so useless?
Correct the original charger is now somewhere in the Ether, the adapter does not make good enough contact with the LiIon or the drill to allow it to work consistently, had to keep pushing and pulling the whole ensemble around to get the drill to work, the change to LiIon in the original battery case was worthwhile if only for the reduction in weight, however the newer DeWalt Brushless LiIon drills are so much lighter that they are now my go to tool, at about £220.00 for a drill and impact driver its not worth the effort of modifying the originals: ... -Twin-Pack