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20 Apr 2023
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Hi, I am interested in woodworking tools and associated items such as tool sharpening and metal polishing. Is there anyone in the forum who knows about old woodworking lathes? If so perhaps someone may suggest what make and even better what model this lathe is. Images attached.


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Hi and welcome- can’t help with your lathe but there are numerous sharpening threads to search for , starting a new one could start a riot . Good luck 🤞
Hello, looks like it could be the Draper colour scheme, (WTL 90), or perhaps some other distributor,
possibly something like NaeroK.
Lot's of these about, parts still available, Charnwood possibly cheapest source for actual parts,
like those delicate Reeves drive pulleys made from a magnesium type alloy cheese,
(and not yer common belt or bearings which can be bought cheaper from elsewhere)

Here's just one posting mentioning some other purveyors of the same.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your kind replies.

I have found the lathe model it is a Clarke CWL-20RV. It is now working quite well.

Has anyone got a Later improved version of the Record Power CL 3 for sale? I am advised by a very knowledgeable chap that the Record Coronet range are good models to have. My other choice would be the Herald but there no used ones for sale yet as it is a recent introduction.

Many thanks
I bought mine because it's got a flat cast iron bed, in the thinking I'd be able to do mods if
necessary, like motor upgrading at the least.
surely it would be easier a machine to do work on compared to that Record design with round bars or what's possibly merely tubing infact?
Weight is one thing I believe, which some would be keen about,
but I know nothing about turning.

All the best
That lathe design has been badged by all sorts of resellers. Axminster for example called it a M900. I think the 900 refers to distance between centres.
Its not that old (or indeed collectable). Search for m900 lathe online for a manual if you need one.
Those lathes need to be regularly maintained. One side of each pulley needs to slide smoothly along the spindle to adjust the effective diameter of the pulley. It makes an automatic transmission. They tend to gum up with dust. If you put more than a very little lubricant on the shaft it will spin outward onto the pulley cheeks and then the belts will slip.
My advice would be regular cleaning to keep it from becoming stiff and then seizing up.

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