New lathe for a Men's Shed.

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19 Mar 2007
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Our Men's Shed is just getting established and at the moment we have a Sealey lathe loaned by one of the members untill his workshop is up and running. We also have t he loan of a small bandsaw from the same member.

So, I am looking around and asking what will be the best reasonably priced lathe and bandsaw for us to get? At the moment we are packed in to a 20' converted container so can't get anything very big! The expression compact and bijou comes to mind!

I've been looking at the Axminster AW305WL lathe and the AW1400B bandsaw, but my experience with new kit is very limited as I have had my Sartrite 301S and Record CL1 for 25 years or more and haven't really used anything else. So any ideas would be greatfullu accepted :unsure:
what is the purpose of the lathe - i.e. what are you going to use it for, do you need a swivel head to tackle larger items / what power motor do you need (e.g. if you want to use a bowlsaver, you need a more powerful lathe - if you are only going to turn pens, then a small lathe will suffice...

similarly with the bandsaw - if you plan to cut up logs into turning blanks then you need something bigger, otherwise a benchtop such as the record power 250 sabre which I have is fantastic

start with what you intend to use it for...
The lathe. It's for me to 'try' to teach some elderly gentlemen Shedders how to use a lathe and the basic tools.

I don't know if you are familiar with the idea of the Men's Shed Association, but it's for old pippers like me to be able to get out to meet other men, have a chat and a coffee and possible learn a new skill or two. So it's for simple turning, probably spindle work, dibbers, bar skittles and the like. When they get used to that then to move on to small bowls, egg cups and things like that. So nothing big or complicated. If it does get to the more compliceted stuff then that will be a fair way in the future and we 'may' have more space?

The sam for the bandsaw. Main use will probably be for cutting the small blanks and when they can use it safely maybe going on to cutting 3D things like these reindeer. An unsanded one done on my startrite

Bandsaw reindeer 2.jpg
Hi Jonz,

my Axminster Hobby Series is still for sale at £450.


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Hi OJ, I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch before, but it's had to go through our committee and all that sort of thing. It has to go through the Lottery as well, but they are being contacted this morning, so that should be through soon.

So, is the lathe still up for sale please? If so I have just one question and that is how is the speed control? Is it a DC motor of 3ø? Mine is 3ø and I have had it for about 12 years and it transformed my CL1.