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6 Apr 2009
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Twyning, Gloucestershire.
Hi everyone, about a year ago I joined Twyning mens shed ( I’m sure some of you will be aware of mens sheds). The group is only two years old and growing.
The idea behind the mens sheds is to provide a place where DIYers can meet with other likeminded men while at the same time providing a service for the local community by repairing or refurbishing items for them. We are also a collection point for TWAM ( tools with a mission). We take in old tools and refurb them for TWAM and they send them to Africa where they are given to apprentices.
At the moment we have more members than work and so we are asking for old tools in any shape or form, manual, power tools, working or broken that we could do something useful with. If you are local to Twyning in Gloucestershire perhaps you could drop them off or arrange for us to collect. I have family in Yorkshire and go up there about once a month so could possibly collect there too.
Would be grateful for any help, thank you. Here is a link to our web site: