new Axminster spiral cutter portable thicknesser

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These screws should be tightened to the proper torque , on my felder that I purchased two years ago it was 5nm, I dont know if all planers are the same but I am sure if any were stripped the guarantee would be void.I have yet to purchase the torque screwdriver due to the price, would be interested if any one has purchased one.

Just use a torque wrench with the appropriate adapter-a1/4”ratchet should do it imho . Plenty cheaper one’s available , even the digital version.
I use a torque screwdriver to tighten the terminals on MCB/RCB/O's in consumer units, first time I used it scared me to death the amount of torque required to operate the drivers mechanism to indicate the torque had been reached, it was so much higher than No 1 wrist action I sent it back to be recalibrated, but it came back the same, seems No 1 wrist is not reliable as an indicator.
I have just bought the machine. While I don't think it's particularly quiet, (ear defenders please!) it is certainly a vast improvement on my old Record PT260. I decided I didn't need a planer - most of the wood I obtain is semi ready anyway so just a thicknesser made sense.
Where it does win out is finish - it's almost like it does not need sanding it's so good. There are lots of small features on it like the stops for certain depth cuts, the precise measure at the front and the ease of adjustment of the inboard and out board plates.
My son has a spiral cutter (professional Planer thicknesser Axminster) and says after 6 moths use it is still cutting beautifully. The cutters themselves are square and have four edges, so you unscrew, rotate and screw back up. I can't comment on the tightness of the screws as I have had no need at the moment. Chip extraction isn't perfect but certainly within acceptable limits (I use a small Scheppach extractor).
All in all, I'm pleased with the machine and glad i bought it.