My new old Wadkin 10 AGS

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I've drawn the splitter up in CAD for anyone who may want to get their own made. For those that haven't read the whole thread this is for the older version of the saw with the fixed splitter and not the moving riving knife.


I'm currently working on a sketchup version and will post that up when done.
Great, thanks! This will also form a good basis for drawing a splitter that comes just below the top of the blade, for use with a SUVA-type guard. Would appreciate the Sketchup version.
Here's the sketchup version. This one is in imperial as it makes the numbers nicer and it was easier to work out as the splitter would have been designed in imperial measurements. The pdf scan provided by MusicMan is hidden behind the line drawing. Unhide it through the edit menu in sketchup to get an idea of how close the final dimensions are. I have tried to account for shadows in the scan and any knocks etc the original might have incurred through use.

The dwg above was redrawn from this one in metric for the convenience of laser cutters these days.

A bit late to the table here but congratulations on a wonderful restoration. And I love the colour scheme :D

At the end of my restoration thread there's some pictures of how I upgraded my '63 AGS10 with a Sharkguard and riving knife I imported from The US. Take a look and if you need any help or info I'll be happy to help :wink:

My AGS10 restoration thread

Hi Krysstel,

Thanks. Glad you like the colour scheme.

Your restoration thread was one of the many I read along the way through my rebuild. Some very useful info in there.

I am just waiting on the splitter to come back from the laser cutters and then I'll be onto building a crown guard. The dust extraction is in process (parts on the 3D printer as I type). I'll post up the design tomorrow once I verified it all fits together.

Hi, my 1960 AG10s with Gryphon 2hp 3 phase motor has burnt out requiring a rewind. Carwood in Yeovil are quoting £360 plus Vat. Does anyone have a cheaper solution or know a new motor that would fit?
Amazing job! Really well done! Few weeks ago i bought also wadkin AGS 10 and started restoration. Your topic will help me a lot!

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