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The Gray Man

20 Sep 2019
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Peebles, Scottish Borders
Hi all,

I'm amazed/frustrated at how difficult it is to get hold of some key dimensions for mitre saws. I'm particularly interested in the Bosch Glide, any Kapex, and the Makita LS1019L, but I dare say that other people might find this info helpful for different saws too.

The specs I'm looking for are the following:

a) What is the distance from the wall to the fence? (Sounds like some machines need a bigger distance if the saw is tilted, so assume that this is set at maximum needed to allow machine to be fixed in place)
b) What is the distance between the mounting holes, side to side and front to back?
c) What is the actual width of the machine (with and without any additional "wire" side supports)?
d) What is the height of the platter (is that the right word? the thing that the wood sits on)?

Thanks in advance!


AJB Temple

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13 Oct 2015
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Tunbridge Wells
In my opinion you are focussed on the wrong things. I have the big Bosch. You can't compare it with the Festool for capacity.

Table height is irrelevant for me as I use it on the Bosch wheeled stand and you can alter the side supports in seconds. Get the quick release table clamp (ideally two, one for each side) and that is good. Connect it to decent vacuum machine (one is a Lidl one - I bought three for about £55 each - silly cheap and very good). The dust bag system works. Just not very well.

What interested me was maximum capacity of timber for 90 degree straight cuts and maximum capacity for compound mitre cuts (for oak roofing timbers). I bought it to deal with compound mitres on 4" oak rafters that I machined myself. It does the job really well.

The Festool is great saw and easier to use in some respects. But lacks capacity.


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8 Apr 2013
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St. Albans
I’ve got the 1019L but it’s packed away at the moment. Someone previously asked about the distance from wall to fence and front of the machine which I answered if you do a search. If I get the chance I’ll dig it out and measure the other bits for you tonight but no promises as things are a bit manic at the moment!


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7 Jan 2012
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I have never seen these dimensions published. Your best bet is to check with your nearest Axminster (or similar) what machines they have on display then take your tape and measure them. You really need to see the machine in the flesh. Having just measured mine I can say it is awkward and inaccurate.

For what it’s worth the rough dimensions for my Kapex120 are:
(a) wall to fence 370mm
(b) too complicated in words - there are 10 mounting holes in the chassis. I will do a drawing if you want.
(c) chassis is 610mm wide but when swung to the full extent the body overhangs by about 50mm on either side
(d) height to platter 110mm

I fear this will not help you much but was using the saw earlier so was interested to answer your questions as far as I could.

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