Mitre saw upgrade and a few tweaks

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25 Feb 2021
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High wycombe
Had a Dewalt DWS 774 for a while now and whilst I was generally happy with it, the gun style grip, holding it down to get the shadow line and pressing the lever all seemed a bit awkward after a while, maybe just being petty. Plus the dust collection was pants and the cutting depth was fairly small.
So been after a Bosch GCM 12 GDL for ages but couldn't justify a new one at £900 odd quid so found one ebay a guy fairly local to me selling his, struck a deal and collected it a few days ago. He chucked in 3 extra blades so happy days.

So from this :


To this


Had to tweak the mounts it sits on so the bed is level with my swing up extension arm but now firmly bolted down .
Things I love about it. The size of the blade at 12" is awesome, some serious cut depth there, the axial glide system is really smooth and of course how far back it can sit right up against the wall. A large generous bed, much larger fence and the ability to dual bevel is nice ( though to be fair most of my cuts are 90 ! )

Things not too keen, the dust collection needed some improvement , the laser was rubbish and I fancied a zero clearance plate.
Did the Dan paterson dust shroud upgrade and it kind of works so better than nothing
Now the laser. I could hardly see it at all even with the lights turned off so took it apart . Think I found the problem :)

So a good clean and wipe down and much better but I miss the shadow line from the dewalt so will grab the upgrade off the member on here who created one.

Finally the zero clearance plate. Found some pallet wood ( not sure what it is ) offcut, planed it down to 9mm and then traced around the original Bosch ones , flush trim bit with the original stuck to the wood and finally drilled out the holes for the bolts. Quick wipe over to seal and ready for the first cut


First cut, bit of sanding and job done


Now to enjoy
Thanks for that SwissTony
No laxer on my sliding DeWalt
Over the year’s kinda like cutting to either side of the line
But the zero cut plate would be nice add on for mine
As for dust collection I only use it outside at the mo. It’s on a big Wheels’s trolley