Minimax Pro 32 bandsaw

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3 Nov 2013
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In a forest in Wales
Just picked up a used small form factor Minimax Pro 32 bandsaw. Other than it being a Minimax I know little of it and there is virtually nothing on the web. The wheels are a little over 12" in diameter and throat height is just over 6". The thing is built like a tank and the spine is one of the most robust I have ever seen in a bandsaw of this class. Table is cast with no mitre slot and although not a heavy mass it's still cast which is a win. I actually picked it up as it was going cheap and my wife needed a small saw to cut batts from ply for throwing clay. This is way too good a machine for just cutting circles all day so I'll probably keep looking. It also seems the usual blade outlets still recognise the saw in their listings.

I know the heritage of Minimax so I know it's a decent keeper but info on the web seems almost none existent.

Anyone have one or know anything about it.