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5 May 2021
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French Guiana
I currently have a Bosch GMF 1600 CE router. Twin bases, plunge base used for handheld work and fixed base mounted in the router table. Motor unit swaps between. Has performed well for a couple of years in both modes. Recently has developed an annoying habit of cutting out occasionally mid operation, usually in table mode, which I think is due to dust ingress and/or loose wiring. This can probably be addressed to some extent through more regular/thorough cleaning, improved dust extraction under the table, etc. Maybe a service. Quite annoying nonetheless.

So, I’ve pretty much decided to sell it and replace with two separate solutions for the two modes of use.

Planning to go for the AUK tools 2400W motor with INCRA mast-r-lift from @Wood Workers Workshop / @Peter Sefton for dedicated table use.

For handheld (plunge) use I would like a relatively lightweight mid-power machine. Importantly this needs to be compatible with the Bosch OFA adapter for the FSN guide rail system as I’m already invested and find this useful. So this limits the choice I think to the three options below (all are directly compatible with the adapter). Not sure about which if any of the current Makita offerings are compatible so I’ve excluded them (at least for now).

1. Bosch GOF 1250 CE / LCE
2. DeWalt DW621
3. Festool OF1010 EBQ

All look to be robust machines with generally favorable reviews. All max 8mm dia collets. Bosch is heaviest (3.6kg). Festool lightest (2.9kg). Bosch most powerful @ 1250W. Bosch and DeWalt both have integrated dust collection (different design). Bosch has LED light and the LCE version has a digital depth readout. Bosch and DeWalt similarly priced (in EU; see e.g. Sautershop) with Festool a bit more expensive.

Would appreciate feedback about these particular models. Particularly from anyone who has experience with more than one of them and can offer practical comparisons.

Many thanks!
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I had the elu routers for 30 years. When the smaller 96 gave up I went for a makita but the difference in quality was vast. I sold the Makita. If you can afford the Festool, which I now have, the 1010 and the 1400, they are extremely good, especialy when it comes to dust extraction.

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