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Sold Metal working lathe repair project


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27 Oct 2014
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This is a lovely little metalworking lathe with screw cutting gears, 250mm between centres with 90mm centre height with hardened bed, it has a 3 jaw chuck with outside jaws as well, it has a face plate, there is a tailstock chuck and centre both 2 morse taper a box with all the spare gears in including bed wipers.

It had plastic handles on all the movements and I replaced all with metal ones cut on the very same lathe.

The downside is the motor and speed controller went bang, an acquaintance of mine took them away to sort out for me but during the lock down he passed away and no one knows what happened to them when his shed was cleaned out.

So it needs a motor and either switch gear or speed controller to run it, so if anyone is looking for a nice little lathe and can fit a motor you will have a great little lathe to play with.

I am looking for £150 ono and it would be collection only.




Just found box with T S chuck, centre, and full set of change gears, I just need to find the chuck key.

Chuck and change_Gears.jpg
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Hi Peter, DE56 Derbyshire

If your interested PM me your contact e-mail for further details.
I offered it to members on here first as no one has come back to me so still for sale I was just about to list it on another site, anyone interested please PM me with your contact e-mail then I can advise address.