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I don't have any thick enough knives to even make the Crown ones,
let alone the types I've seen from some of the Japanese or Baltic countries, and even if I did the steel might be questionable whether it would hold up or not.
I was thinking something I could get my thumb behind for a similar shaped, but stronger knife,
as I've never been convinced about penknives for general tasks.
No more difficult than making one from a chef's knife really, would be all ears for other sources of hardened steel thick enough.

@Jorny Do we get to see?

@Sideways Be interested to know how the point holds up, or whether it chips off easily.
PS thanks for informing me of the Kiridashi type, as that's what I'm thinking, as I seen a real nice one from somewhere recently and it looked handy.
PPS Can't find the piccy, it was a bought Japanese one, which the owner made a nice handle for, something along the lines of this, and I note a lot of them don't have a point!

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If you let me know the dimensions you’d like I’ve probably got an offcut of steel I could harden the next time the kiln is on.
@--Tom-- Thanks for the super generous offer, but I was thinking one of these knives would be an easy/non important excuse to find out if lawnmower blades will take an edge, as I've got a few old ones knocking about.
Be nice to know if they're worth holding onto for again.

All the best
Old chisels make a good marking knife. Regrind the angle you want and make a handle that feels right for your hand.
IMG_1735.JPGP1010016 (2).JPG
I like it for marking out fret slots. Before that I had a couple ground from old spade bits. I did think about mower blades too as the steel should be ok but the old chisel was mostly ready to go. I guess most of us should have something laying around that would make an ok marking knife.